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Malone Trauma Therapy Belfast

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Trauma Counselling Programme

The Trauma Counselling Programme is run over 10 consecutive weeks online or in person in Belfast, UK.


You may ask, what can be achieved over such a short space of time?


Below Dr Janet Williams introduces the programme and highlight main features of the approach to healing trauma once and for all by releasing it from the body.

Malone Trauma Therapy Belfast

The Approach

The trauma programme was developed by Dr Janet Williams over many years working with a wide range of clients. Right from the start, during the first psychotherapy training 20 plus years ago, Janet was aware that emotional and psychological wounds were locked in the body until such time as the client was able to release them.

Over the years she researched and learned from different theories and practices related to addressing trauma, and so her approach is an eclectic mix of evidence-based techniques.


But ultimately, trauma can only be let go off if the client feels safe enough and can trust the therapeutic process.  As trauma is often caused by deficits in relationship, building a deep bond where the client feels genuine care and containment is imperative.


And so the main features of the programme are:

  • Safety 

  • Authenticity

  • Attunement

  • Connection


Once the client feels truly seen and met, for who they are and not what has happened to them, they are able to free themselves from a narrative of hopelessness and re-connect to a part of themselves that is untouched by the trauma. 

Malone Trauma Therapy Belfast

The Intervention

A record of everything that has happened to us in the past is held in the body. As trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk says "the body keeps the score". Whatever trauma we have experienced historically, our bodies still react today in ways that reveal past hurts. These hurts can get triggered by everyday challenges and can send the nervous system into a trauma response (fight/flight/freeze mode).


By focusing on present-day triggers, we can track where the trauma imprints are held in the body. By undergoing a series of graded exposure exercises, connecting gently and respectfully to what the body is communicating, eventually the body feels able to let go of what it may have been holding onto for decades. Once the package of trauma is released, it is gone forever, and the client feels greater space and a lightness of being within.


Each healing process is unique and tailored to each client's needs, so it is not possible to provide more specific details, but do get in touch if you would like to discuss further whether the programme is right for you. 

The Cost

The programme costs £100 per session, therefore the whole programme of 10 x sessions costs £1,000.


It is possible to pay per session or to set up a standing order to pay £100 per month for 10 months, to make it more affordable and spread out payments.


There may be occasions where further sessions are required, however our work will be regularly reviewed so any additional work will be discussed well in advance.

Malone Trauma Therapy Belfast
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