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Malone Trauma Therapy Belfast

Releasing trauma from the body in a gentle, safe and effective way, so that you can let go of the past and freely embrace the future, offers true healing.

We all know that, even on a cloudy day, the sun still exists. This analogy captures my way of addressing trauma.

When we experience trauma it can change us and who we think we are. However, no matter how thick and impenetrable the clouds of trauma feel and how much they obscure our sense of who we are, our intrinsic, untainted true nature is always there.
By getting support to heal the clouds so they can be dispersed, day by day it is possible to connect back to the essence of who we are ... the sun.
Malone Trauma Therapy Belfast with Dr Janet Williams Psychologist
Dr Janet Williams, Psychologist, Belfast

Dr Janet Williams

Counselling Psychologist
Chartered Psychologist (HCPC Reg)

I trained in Psychotherapy more than 20 year ago, and now work as a Counselling Psychologist. Over the years I have also trained in various bodywork modalities which, in conjunction with my therapeutic knowledge and awareness, inspired me to develop a body-focused trauma programme.


This has been offered as part of local authority services in Bath, UK, these past three years, with currently 140 referrals on our books.

In May 2024 I moved to Belfast and offer the programme privately and likely very soon also with public funding here too. Plus - the incredible feedback has prompted me to offer the programme online for wider accessibility.

My doctoral research title was: 'What Happens When the Abused Child Becomes a Mother? A Qualitative Study of Intergenerational Trauma', which has allowed me to stay abreast of the latest clinical and theoretical approaches to healing trauma, from a biopsychosocial perspective. 

Malone Trauma Therapy Belfast

10 Week Programme

Find out about the renowned 10-week trauma programme founded and delivered by Dr Janet Williams, which can be completed online or in person (Belfast, UK) at the Malone Therapy Clinic.

Common types of trauma in everyday life

Traumas are not just one off events, but can be persistent in childhood and through adult life in relationship, family and work. Here are some examples: 

Single Event Trauma

Any single event that causes a level of shock and distress that takes someone beyond what they can cope with. Examples of single event trauma includes car accidents, incidents of war or terrorism as well as any number of unexpected or intensely stressful life events.

Relational Trauma

Relational trauma can be obvious or more subtle, but results from experiences in relationship where there is a lack of empathy and attunement to your needs by another person you would expect to care about you. This often occurs within families and often not recognised.

Developmental Trauma

This is trauma experienced in utero through to early childhood, when there is harm caused to the foetus or child by being exposed to toxic environments, having inadequate care and attachment to primary carers to the extent that healthy development is hindered.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

There are 10 ACEs commonly referred to: physical, sexual and psychological abuse and two forms of neglect (failure to provide and failure to supervise), exposure to domestic abuse, having a family member with mental illness, a family member who misuses substances, caregiver incarceration and parental separation or divorce. 


Any form of discrimination, e.g. due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, age, disability and so forth. This type of trauma is again obvious or subtle, and even though  more acknowledged nowadays it is still tolerated as a unsavoury part of our society. Bullying can also be included in this category.


Experiences of loss include bereavement, loss of a relationship, a job or any major life changes were something significant is taken away from you. These losses are not necessarily traumatic but can have a profound impact in ways that may take time to become apparent.  

Malone Trauma Therapy Belfast

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Malone Trauma Therapy Belfast


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